My Classic Album with Mike Norris


Episode 8: 'Blue' with Samantha Preis

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Mike is joined by US singer-songwriter Samantha Preis to discuss the album that inspired her and so many others to start their own emotional journeys into music. Joni Mitchell's quintessential album 'Blue' is this month's Classic Album!

Samantha chats about just what makes this album so special to her as well as the impact it has had on her both as a music fan and as a musician and lyricist.

What is the heartbreaking story behind 'Little Green'?

How do Joni's experiences writing 'California' remind Samantha of experiences from her own life?

Which hard rock band made 'This Flight Tonight' their own to the point where Joni joked at live shows that she covered it?

All this PLUS a review of Amy Macdonald's latest album 'Under Stars' right here on Episode 8 of 'My Classic Album'.

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