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Episode 29: 'Synchronicity' with Damon Johnson

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"Is that my mother on the phone?" No it's Damon Johnson! The Black Star Riders alum joins Mike to chat about 'Synchronicity', the final studio album by The Police!

While The Police were at each other's throats behind the scenes, they managed to release a seminal album that solidified their place as the biggest band on the planet bringing along millions of fans including Damon with them.


How was the album one meeting away from not happening?

Is 'Tea In The Sahara' or 'Murder by Numbers' the true ending of 'Synchronicity'? (CLUE: In what format do you own the album?)

What are Damon and Mike's thoughts on the utterly crazy 'Mother'?


PLUS: Mike shares his thoughts on his experience watching Sting perform inside Durham Cathedral in 2008 and reveals his opinions on Sting's latest studio album 'My Songs'.

All this and so much more on this episode of 'My Classic Album'.

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