My Classic Album with Mike Norris


Episode 33: 'Surfing With The Alien' with Sam Russell

033. Surfing With The Alien.jpg

Hold on tight as Mike and guitarist extraordinaire Sam Russell celebrate Joe Satriani's 'Surfing With The Alien', the first fully instrumental album to be showcased on 'My Classic Album'. Without a single vocal or lyric on the album, Satriani is able to tell vivid stories and evoke strong emotion from every track on this album. Sam's discovery of this album from his music teacher in his early days of playing guitar comes full circle as he and Mike discover behind many of the great tracks on this album.

How is Joe Satriani influenced by the great composers of classical music?

Which song on the album has been nominated for a Grammy Award on three separate occasions?

What exactly is the pitch axis theory?

All these questions and more will be answered on the latest edition of 'My Classic Album'. PLUS: Mike gets in to his latest live music experience as he shares his thoughts from seeing southern rockers the Kentucky Headhunters in Newcastle!

Mike Norris