My Classic Album with Mike Norris

Mike Norris


Mike Norris is your host for 'My Classic Album' and your guide through some of the most celebrated albums in history.

Graduating from the University of Sunderland with a degree in Media Production: Television and Radio, Mike also worked on local radio, presenting on Durham FM throughout 2007. He is an avid gig-goer and has seen many great bands and singers over the years; from classic artists including the likes of Aerosmith, Elton John and Sting right through to contemporary bands and singers such as Gregory Porter, Amy Macdonald and The Temperance Movement.

Mike is a huge lover of classic rock and metal and includes Queen, Kiss and Guns N' Roses amongst his favourite bands. Like 'My Classic Album' however Mike isn't set stubbornly in his rock 'n' roll ways and also loves listening to music from the likes of the Corrs, Bob Marley and Gorillaz.

Mike started ‘My Classic Album’ in the summer of 2016; a project which initially involved Mike’s friends joining him and choosing their classic album. However as the podcast has grown, Mike has been lucky enough to chat with the likes of Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses), Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden, Wolfsbane) and Big Boy Bloater (Imelda May, The Limits) about the albums that inspired their own musical careers.

It seems crazy to me that what started as an excuse to talk music with my friends has become an opportunity to chat with some truly amazing musicians and singers about the music that they love. Whether they choose an album I’ve never heard before or one I’ve listened to thousands of times I always come away with a new found respect and fondness for the music we’ve dedicated so much time to celebrating,
— Mike

Mike lives in County Durham with his wife Kayleigh (who tirelessly puts up with his wittering on about classic albums) and his daughter Ellie (who will hopefully follow in his parents’ footsteps and music tastes!)

Every album that gets the ‘My Classic Album’ treatment finds its way into Mike’s record collection (if it wasn’t there already) meaning that the podcast isn’t only a great resource to learn about great albums past and present but is also responsible for Mike building an absolutely awesome record collection!